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Whether you are looking for someone to build your siteĀ or if you are looking for a Web Developer/Graphic Designer to completely manage your project, I can do it all.


Using a Wire Frame for your site will not only speed up development time but allow you to make changes before finalizing the design.


Let's take your idea or existing product and build a site to suit. This phase really allows us to address the emotional connection your customers will have with your product.


We use the latest development tools and every site we make is Mobile Friendly. This may be the step that takes the longest but it is important to get it right the first time.


We test everything we do. We check to make sure that no matter who you audience is, we are able to display your site in the fastest and most seamless way possible.

  • Paul S. - Western Governors University

    Jared's ability to dip into both design and development work was a real asset. As a developer, I could hand him a project that required design assets, code work and CSM configuration, and he'd run with it. He's a team member that understands multiple parts of the site management and development process, and that will serve him well as his experience in web development advances.
  • Steven P. - Western Governors University (2014-2015)

    Jared is a wonderful colleague who is detailed oriented, and he continually proved how well he could perform various tasks during our website redesign project. When problems or hiccups arose, he was able to help suggest and execute solutions. Jared also focused on ensuring that other people could complete tasks that he trained them on. I really appreciated how he made several screenshot videos detailing how to perform a variety of tasks in Drupal and JIRA. On top, he is easy to get along with, which makes working with him easy and enjoyable. I recommend him without hesitation.
  • Caroline N. - Stevens Henager College (2012)

    Jared is a very hard working student and does a great job at taking a design problem and solves it creatively and successfully. He is never late with his projects (meets all deadlines) and pays close attention to the details. I would recommend Jared for a Graphic Designer position.
  • Russell J. - Western Governors University (2014-2015)

    I worked with Jared on the launch of several new responsive websites for WGU. He has gone out of his way to problem solve, which was a breath of fresh air. If he had a task in front of him he would find the fastest way to get it done and give his recommendations. He would go out of his way to understand my field (SEO) which helped take a huge load off my shoulders.