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Please take a look at my recent projects. I have my Web Development, Project Management and Graphic Design skills represented.

Crux Apparel
Tobacco Motowear
Party Snow
Dry Frog
Storm Hold
Event Signup
Crazy Fun
Never Dry
Snow Run
Run Loco
Wired Magazine Layout
Adobe Magazine Mockup
Batman Poster
Ford Fish Ad
Donate Blood Poster
Helvetica Poster
Ford Sketch Poster
Birthday Invite Layout
Magazine Layout
Knitting With Dog Hair
Self Promo
Lets Dye Friends Email
Email Blast
VIP Special Email
Get Gear Email
Color Festival Email
2 Dye Packs
Get Tickets Brazil Email
Back 2 School Email
Toga Run Mobile Layout
Reno Ad
Tall Banner Ad
Save 5 Ad
Billboard Ad
Brazil National Ad
Natal Brazil Ad
Washington D.C. Ad
Photo Edit Example
Run Or Dye Camo Ad
Recife Brazil Ad
Recife Brazil City Ad
Toga Run Merch Layout
Toga Run Pointing Ad
Toga Run Ad
Toga Run Girls Ad
Toga Run David Ad
Toga Run Boys Ad
30 Off Gear
Lumpys Flyer
5 Pounds Off
My Old Logo
Drizzle Stix Logo
Q1 Logo Concept
Logo Concept
Taylor Tigers Logo
Class Logo
Deft Logo
Crux Apparel
Jared Rowley
Color Festival
Run or Dye
Ford Mockup
Bad Prom
Jake Ackerman
Toga Run